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Social Events

Cocktail Party at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Wednesday, April 20, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Space limited; Sold Out

Join us for cocktails and appetizers at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which offers a scenic view, a fun crew, and all the grunion eggs you can hatch. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which traces its roots to 1935, achieved its first AZA accreditation more than 20 years ago. Located within the Port of Los Angeles (about 10 minutes from Long Beach), the Frank Gehry-designed facility offers a unique interface between the industrial, urban harbor and coastal waters teeming with marine life.

There is no charge for this event, but space was limited. Event is sold out. Transportation will depart from the Hyatt Regency at 5:30 pm.
Welcome Reception, hosted by AZA
Thursday, April 21, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
There will be no formal Icebreaker
Included with all registrations

Aquarium Day at Aquarium of the Pacific
Friday, April 22, 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
The Aquarium will close to the public at 5:00 pm
One ticket is included in a full registration and 3-day (when Friday is selected). Additional tickets can be purchased for $65 each.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is located on the Long Beach waterfront downtown, near Rainbow Harbor and in walking distance of the Long Beach Convention Center and downtown’s many hotels and restaurants. Home to more than 12,000 animals, the Aquarium explores the waters of Southern California and Baja and the Northern and Tropical Pacific.

As visitors enter the Aquarium’s vast Great Hall of the Pacific, a full-scale model of a blue whale, the largest animal in the world, floats above their heads. Visitors are given a preview of what awaits in the Aquarium’s main galleries, including an up-close look at Southern California/Baja, with the nearly three-story-tall Honda Blue Cavern exhibit, home to barracuda and other kelp forest fish.

The journey through the Pacific Rim unfolds as visitors are guided through three major regions of the Pacific Ocean. In the Southern California/Baja gallery, explore our temperate local waters, with kelp forest habitats and animals, like California sea lions, the brilliant orange garibaldi fish, and reef fish of Baja California, Mexico. In the Northern Pacific gallery, experience the ice-cold waters of Alaska, Russia, and northern Japan. Meet puffins and diving birds, mesmerizing sea jellies, playful sea otters, and a giant Pacific octopus. Colorful coral reefs and tropical fish greet you in the Tropical Pacific gallery, which represents the islands of Palau, Hawaii, and Indonesia.

Pacific Visions is the Aquarium’s most recent addition. The stunning blue glass building on the facility’s front lawn houses a state-of-the-art immersive theater, interactive art installations, engaging multimedia displays, and live animal exhibits.

On Aquarium Day, walk over to the Aquarium and join us for a reception dinner and drinks. The event will include special opportunities to experience the Aquarium’s animals and exhibits and meet our staff. Attendees will have the chance to learn about our conservation projects and work with endangered species, like sea otters, sea turtles, frogs, and abalone.  Our husbandry department will be available to engage guests with presentations and animal experiences.  The education department will be on hand to provide outstanding learning experiences on the floor in both animal-focused and technology-forward spaces; provide a mini-tour of education spaces (including classrooms, Ocean Science Center, Ocean Theater, and studio if possible), and to answer questions about programs.

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